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Used car financing is a financing offer specifically geared to the purchase of used cars. Usually, installment loans are used, which have the peculiarity that the vehicle itself serves as collateral (retention of title).

Compare financing for used cars

Compare financing for used cars

In principle, whenever funding is needed, the widest possible comparison of the various offers should be made. Even if the dealer offers financing for used cars, it should only be considered as an alternative to several. In addition, of course, the question may arise whether a used-car loan can be waived or whether the saved reserves are better not touched. If the money is available, but reserved for retirement, financing the used car is a sensible alternative.

Always compare the total costs with each other, ie the vehicle itself as well as all acquisition and financing costs. This is especially true when dealer and bank financing are compared. Our loan calculator provides information about the costs of using used cars.

Possibilities to finance a used car cheaply

Possibilities to finance a used car cheaply

In total, customers have four types of credit financing available, of which all but the leasing of the vehicle to own the object of the vehicle.

car loan

The simplest and in many cases the cheapest variant of used car financing. This is a normal but earmarked installment loan, the special feature of which is that the vehicle itself serves as collateral for the lender. The buyer does not become the legal owner until the loan has been paid in full. A car loan is offered by both dealers and manufacturer banks as well as ordinary commercial banks for used car financing.


Leasing is an exception to used car financing in that, unlike the other forms of financing, it does not result in ownership. Leasing is particularly interesting for business customers, as the leasing installments can be tax deducted as operating expenses. Nevertheless, more and more private individuals are choosing to lease a vehicle. In doing so, you will only acquire a right of use over a predetermined period of time and mileage while the vehicle remains the property of the lessor. After the end of the term, the car is simply returned.

balloon financing

Balloon financing is also an installment loan. The rates to be paid during the lifetime of used vehicle financing are relatively low and therefore place a correspondingly small budget burden. At the end of the term, however, there is the “balloon” – a particularly high rate that either has to be paid off at once or has to be re-funded. Balloon financing is more expensive than a normal car loan in terms of capital costs. This is especially true if follow-up financing of the final installment is needed.

Three-way financing

The three-way financing is very similar to the balloon financing, because even this is at the end of the very high closing rate. However, the name of this used car financing already suggests that there is an additional procedure: the borrower can completely dispense with the payment of the final installment and instead return the vehicle to the dealer. This approach is particularly interesting for customers who place great value on always driving the latest model. In addition, the three-way financing is also a deposit.

Credit for used cars: Which financing suits me?

Credit for used cars: Which financing suits me?

Dealer or bank – where should the used car financing come from? This question can only be answered by a careful comparison of the available offers. In addition, there is still the opportunity online to complete a non-earmarked instant loan, as is the case for example with Car Lender. Loans from the dealer or from the manufacturer’s bank are usually earmarked. In fact, it is not uncommon for individual financing offers to be limited to a specific model, which can make comparison even more difficult.

Some dealers offer financing only for new cars, which reduces the range of options again. Fast, uncomplicated and cheap, on the other hand, is a short-term loan from Car Lender. This is not bound to a specific purpose and can therefore also be applied for vehicle repairs. A down payment complication or overdraft is eliminated, as Car Lender uses second-hand financing at constant rates over a period of one to six months.

Advantages of a used car financing over Car Lender

Short-term loans from Car Lender are ideal when only relatively small amounts of up to € 1,000 are needed, for example, to buy a used car or have an important car repair carried out.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Free loan calculator
  • Loan inquiries basically Bank-neutral
  • Fast payout – if needed after 60 minutes!
  • Short-term commitment instead of long-term contracts

1. Free loan calculator

With the Car Lender car loan calculator, customers gain clarity, amount, term and interest. The calculator is available to you free of charge. Simply enter the amount and duration using the slider and calculate the total amount automatically.

3. Fast to used by immediate payment

If you want to quickly get a temporary offer, Car Lender will help you with your used car financing. We only need 60 minutes to arrange for the payment of the loan amount!

2. Bank-neutral credit inquiries

Normally, banks tell the Bank when funding has been requested. These data are stored for over a year and can negatively affect the Bank score. At Car Lender, no data will be passed on to the Bank on a request for your used vehicle financing.

4. No long bond

Unlike other banks, commit to our loans for a manageable period of time to stay in control of your finances. For your used car financing, you can pay back the loan amount within 30 days!

Used cars get financing cheap

How is it that Car Lender can lend so cheaply? There are two reasons for this: On the one hand, neither handling fees nor commissions are due on our part; on the other hand, only short-term loans are awarded for comparatively small sums. This keeps the risk manageable and the interest rates accordingly low!

What are the interest rates for a used car loan?

Suppose you want to buy a used car. The costs amount to 5,000 euros, of which 4,200 euros are already available in the form of savings. The missing 800 euros are summarily entered into the calculator by Car Lender. The repayment can already be done after two weeks – so set the appropriate slider for 14 days. The result: The loan amount is 804.33 euros. The used car financing costs only 4.33 euros!

How to finance your used car

How to finance your used car

1. Determine the loan amount Simply enter the desired loan amount and the term into the loan calculator. The name should be taken care to write this as well as it can be found in the identity card. The repayment amount will be displayed immediately below. Fits the result, it goes on with the application. 2. Fill in the form With a mouse click you get to the form for all contact data. Then it goes on to the binding information that you complete completely and truthfully.
Next, you will have the opportunity to opt for one of the additional options offered. 3. Verification With Videoident and Postident methods we provide two possibilities of verification. For the former, you need a webcam that identifies you by video chat. In the postident process, you print out the coupon and then carry out the verification at the next post office.

Requirements for a car finance with Car Lender

The short-term loan from Car Lender also requires a few preconditions, which we as a reputable provider must first check.

  • You are of legal age.
  • Her main residence is in Germany.
  • You have a fixed monthly income of at least 500 euros.
  • You own a German bank account

In addition, the following documents are important:

  • ID card or passport
  • Copy of the last payroll

What do I have to consider when using a used car loan?

Always compare the total cost of the vehicle including the chosen financing.

Individual loan offers are best compared to the APR.

Think early about how you can pay the final installment in a three-way or balloon financing.

Keep in mind that with a normal car loan, your vehicle serves as collateral.

Finance used cars without Bank

Loan inquiries with Car Lender are basically Bank-neutral. Many providers advertise financing without Bank or “in spite of Bank”, but that means only to request no information. However, reputable lenders will always check the credit rating. This serves both your and our safety!

Finance used car and pay immediately

Damage to the vehicle is always annoying and often enough happens at a completely inappropriate time. With Car Lender you get a cheap quick loan, which also appears in your account in no time. So you can make an appointment in the workshop on the same day without having to worry about financing the repair.


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