How Much Does The Average Danish Spend On Insurance?

If you sit and look at your insurance policies and think that it is a lot of money to pay each month, then you are far from alone. There are many who think they pay in expensive judgments to be insured. But are you actually paying too much? Or do you pay more than other Danes? You can find out here – if you know how much you pay. for more.


More than one in five do not know what the family pays

family payment

In more than half a million households in Denmark, the responsible person does not know how much is paid for insurance. As many as 21% of the respondents did not remember how much they paid. In addition, many of the people who thought they could remember what answered incorrectly. The interesting thing is that the people who answered wrongly think they pay far more than they actually do.

The average Dane actually thinks that the household pays more than DKK 11,000 just for car insurance, home insurance and home insurance over a year – which is already more than average. However, these are also the three most popular insurances.


Who is responsible for family insurance?

family insurance?

Many still have a picture of economics as part of the man’s domain. But is the patriarchal society still alive?
The Nordea study has been carried out in two parts. One has asked men about the degree of accountability for insurance and the other has asked the women.

The men asked answer as follows:

  • 56% of men are responsible for family insurance alone.
  • 33% of men share responsibility with others in the home
  • 10% of men have no liability for insurance

The women surveyed answer as follows:

  • 45% of women are solely responsible for paying home insurance
  • 38% share responsibility with others in the household
  • 15% have no responsibility for household insurance

Thus, there is a tendency that it is still the man who is responsible for paying the insurance in the Danish households.

Surveys were conducted by asking 1,023 people, who provide a broadly representative picture of the population between the ages of 18 and 65. In addition to the results already mentioned, it has concluded that it is actually people in Southern Jutland who pay the most money for insurance. The average figure here is 11,115 kroner. The cheapest place to live, if you just think of insurance, is North Jutland, where the average is 9,460 kroner. So there is almost 2,000 kroner in difference from the cheapest to the most expensive place.


How to find cheap insurance?

If you are above average in terms of what you pay for your insurance, then you are probably interested in finding a cheaper solution. But how to find cheap insurance? And is it even a good idea to get a cheaper insurance?
First of all, price should not be the deciding factor in your choice. You should always choose the insurance company that can offer you the best and most reasonable coverage. If you would like to find cheaper insurance, then you should familiarize yourself with what you are paying now. Once you have done this, you should contact some other companies and have them make an offer for you. Who knows, maybe you could save a lot of money each year and still get the same coverage?

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